In honor of International Women’s Day, we want to shine a spotlight on some of the incredible women-led builds we had the privilege to partner with at SEMA 2023.

For those who don’t know, SEMA is the largest gathering of automotive enthusiasts, manufacturers, and builders in the world. It's where creativity, innovation, and passion for all things automotive come together. We are so grateful to have been a part of a number of builds that participated in SEMA for the last 8 years. 
Emily or @misslil6.7 has grown up in and around shows her whole life. For her, the most important aspect of a build is performance. Despite facing the challenge of being overlooked as a woman in the automotive industry, Emily never let that get to her. To her, horsepower is what matters, but she also understands that the true beauty of a build lies in the details.

"The attention to detail in these [women led] builds has been off the charts these past couple of years, and women have been bringing the heat to all of these big title shows, placing," Emily says. Her advice to aspiring builders? "Have a plan, budget, and go for it."
One of the most intricate designs we've ever put together was for @misslil6.7's build. From the intricate LEDs to the ace of spades skull design, these are some of our favorite Super Duty® fender badges to date. When this design was first presented to us by Emily, we were unsure if we could pull it off. However, our team loves a challenge, and it paid off beautifully.
Jaylin, also known as @jaybee_6.7, has spent years meticulously planning and executing her build. When she proposed the idea of a turtle-themed fender badge set for her F-250, we were intrigued. Jaylin took it a step further by adding a custom 6.7TurtlePower text badge, using the same powders as her fender badges. The result was a striking and unique addition to her build.
Mariah, owner of Lifted Rippers, found herself in the industry with a passion for trucks but limited knowledge of the logistics. Determined to learn something new every day, she stayed true to herself and her unique style. Mariah told us that she incorporates her own style into all of her builds, making sure they are functional yet feature her special 'fish flare.'
@mariah_970's fender badges were a custom creation from top to bottom. We used three different powder coats to achieve just the right color: Black Jack from Prismatic Powders, Coral Gloss from The Powder Coat Store, and Halo Clear from All Powder Paints. The result was a set of badges that perfectly complemented Mariah's unique style and personality.
These women-led builds are not just about the vehicles themselves; they represent a shift in the automotive industry towards greater inclusivity and diversity. They challenge stereotypes and inspire all to pursue their passions.

We are proud to have been a part of these builds and to have worked with such talented and inspiring women. Cheers to more women making their mark in the automotive world!