Main Event Birthday Sale

Promotion has now ended. Thank you for your support!


It's our birthday! From now until May 1st 2024, we're having a 15% off site wide sale. We're offering 15% off when you buy a 2017-2022 Super Duty Fender set, and a Tailgate Panel, and 15% off when you buy a 2023+ Super Duty Fender Badge Set and Tailgate Panel.

We're also excited to announce that select powders from Prismatic Powders' Illusion Series are available as color options for all our products. And the best part? No custom powder fees apply!

The Illusion colors from Prismatic Powders are renowned for their mesmerizing color-shifting properties, which elevate our products to a whole new level. These powders capture and reflect light in ways that create an ever-changing spectrum of hues, ensuring that your emblem catches the eye from every angle.
The promotional colors include Illusion Cherry, Illusion Blueberry, Illusion Orange, Illusion Purple, Illusion Money, and Illusion Pink.
Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to enhance your emblem game with the captivating Illusion powders. Remember, this promotion is only available until May 1st 2024!
*The Illusion series is a base coat powder, and is paired with a Clear Vision top coat from Prismatic Powders*

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Color Options:


  • Illusion Cherry 

  • Illusion Orange

  • Illusion Money 

  • Illusion Blueberry 

  • Illusion Purple

  • Illusion Pink